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Backflow Testing

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Backflow Testing

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Your property’s backflow device is an essential component of your plumbing system. It protects the local water supply from contamination by ensuring the water that enters your property can’t flow back into the mains. Due to their importance, all backflow devices must be registered with the council and tested yearly.

Licensed Testers

The team at Perfect Pressure Plumbing & Gas is licensed and trained to perform backflow device testing. We will ensure that your backflow device will work correctly for another year so you can have peace of mind. When you’re looking for professionals who can test your property’s backflow device, call our team.

We Make It Easy

Once your backflow device has been tested, the council needs to know that it is in good working condition. To make this process simple, our team is happy to provide all of the necessary documentation to the council for you. If you need your backflow device tested, contact our team for truly comprehensive services.

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